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In order to accomplish our client’s highly focused business objectives, our team of professionals develop websites that reach their target market.


We provide best website designing solutions for online presence of your business. Whether it’s your business portfolio or e-commerce business , our experienced designers are available for your service.


Starting from the logo designing, we can design your business letterheads, brochures and more. Our design staff coordinates with the client to understand their vision of the business and come up with logo designing concepts.


Our Enterprise SMS Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to instantly communicate and engage customers on the go.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are having trouble related to your position on search engines i.e Google , or due to previous hijack of your website resulted in defaming your website or due to any reason you are not getting desired position on search engines we also have SEO team for you.


We find and fix potential security bugs on your website , our team is also specialized in logical and 0day bugs other then mainstream vulnerabilities


Identifying potential risk in different platforms / frameworks , determining the functionality, origin and potential impact of a given malware sample such as a virus, worm, trojan horse, rootkit, or backdoor.


We can also educate your employees about cyber security and prepare your own security team , we can teach you pentesting , exploitation everything related security.

Customized packages

Unlike other consultation companies , we are having more qualified and experienced researcher and on other hand we are also giving everything up on our customer’s will , we are not having any exact monthly , yearly security plans , we will be working on your decission like if you want one time check , weekly , monthly , detailed , summarized report or anything , pricing depends on your needs. We do not believe in the Checklist level approach. We believe in customized approach because we know no two business are always alike.

Penetration testing is important to make sure your users data is secure, Detect spywares, malwares. After implementing significant changes in code you need to review it from a Hacker Prospective.


Hire us and forget all your cyber security concerns

DANALWEB play a major role in the expansion, development and security projects of web and software services. We design and build beautiful functional websites for small and large scale Business upon client requirements. We have Security Specialists who will provide the bestest Security Solutions so that you can continue to build safe products on internet. DANALWEB provide both offshore and onshore solutions for clients seeking in Web Site Development, Mobile Application Development, General Applications & Web Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. Business within the space of internet are increasingly dependent on Information Technology which makes sensitive assets open to breaches, such as Hacking. We typically look at the possible security threats and vulnerabilities that an attacker use it to exploit. Our clients are assets, and assets are valuable. We do not believe in the Checklist level approach. We believe in customized approach because we know no two business are always alike.

  • We find and fix potential security bugs on your website.

  • We do both static and dynamic testing of Android Applications.

  • We do iOS Application security testing with pride of our expert team.

  • We do security testing of your CMS such as drupal, Wordpress as well as Joomla.

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